Baby Steps
American Film Institute Cycle Film 2

Directed By: Kimberley Caicedo
Produced By: Julia Corcoran
Written By: Morgan Minix
Cinematography By: Brooke Mueller
Production Design By: Mikaela Mosley
Edited By: Hamish McLean
After being stuck with painters block, an artist takes a tab of acid to help his artistry flow. Shortly after, his wife drops the news that she's heading back to work and he must take care of his newly born son.

This melodrama follows Augustus, a father full of fear, as he trips into the past and has to face his past trauma with his father, so that he can look towards the future and become a better father for his son.

This is an internal Cycle Film created at The American Film Institute
Please contact me if you would like a link to watch this film. 
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